July 1, 2014 Heartland North and Pony Express Districts are officially merged to form the Northwest District. Please see the “About Us” page for more information.



Since the middle of the 19th Century, various forms of Methodists have anchored the communities of northwest Missouri. We were northern Methodists, southern Methodists, German Methodists, and Methodist Protestants. We were Evangelical Association and United Brethren. In earlier days, we sometimes worshiped in the same buildings and at other times had buildings across the street from each other. Eventually, we settled into simply being United Methodists.

Over the years, there have also been a number of district configurations that led to what is now the Pony Express District. In 2010, we extend from the Kansas/Nebraska state line on the west to just the other side of 65 Highway on the east. We stop at the Iowa state line on the north, and go south just beyond 36 Highway.

We are 88 churches that range from 4 to 400 in weekly worship. Our median worship size of 35 is a reminder that we are primarily small rural churches serving small rural communities.

Ask one of our congregations when they were established, and you are almost guaranteed to get an answer of sometime between 1840 and 1900. In other words, we arrived with the earliest population boom. We set up in all the towns that were born with the railroad and sent our circuit riders to form the country churches that are still a part of our family.

Take a journey through northwest Missouri and you will never be far from a United Methodist Church. Since we believe finding a United Methodist Church is like coming home, you have the assurance that you are always close to home if you live in our area. Welcome home!

Rev., Dr. Stephen L. Cox,  District Superintendent

Pony Express District, P.O. Box 8628, (2802 Renick St.) St. Joseph, MO 64508 *** (816)232-6052 *** ponyexpressdistrict@gmail.com